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What to Wear During Your Professional Photos

Getting family photos taken by a professional photographer (http://www.vanwyhephotography.com) can be a fun but stressful event especially if you have young children. I was talking to a mom at a park once that said she had never bribed her kids except during a family photo shoot. It had been a long time since they had […]

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Keeping Your Digital Photos Organized Pt. 2

In our previous we mentioned five ideas that can help you keep your personal photos organized and sorted for easier access. Here are five more additional tips that may help you keep them sorted to improve your quality of enjoyment of your personal photos. Use management software to tag your photos. There is excellent software […]

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Keeping your Digital Photos Organized Pt. 1

If you are anything like me and have kids, you have pictures galore on your iPhone, camera, and your computer. My phone is always so full from pictures and videos that a lot of times, right when I am about to capture that precious moment the message pops up that says storage is full and […]

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