If you are anything like me and have kids, you have pictures galore on your iPhone, camera, and your computer. My phone is always so full from pictures and videos that a lot of times, right when I am about to capture that precious moment the message pops up that says storage is full and then my child moves on to something else. That opportunity is gone forever. My computer is also full and I have pictures in iPhoto, pictures in random folders, some uploaded to Costco and Shutterfly, etc. There are pictures everywhere but when I need to find one I cannot. These photos are not being enjoyed because I never get around to printing them out because they are so disorganized. If this you, what can be done to organize your pictures so you can enjoy them and find them when you need them. Here are some ideas:

Backup your photos. I once had my house broke into and my computer was stolen. I unfortunately did not have the pictures saved on my computer backed up anywhere and those pictures included my wedding photos, engagement photos and the pictures from my honeymoon. You can replace TVs, clothes, and even jewelry but you can not replace photos. I was heart broken and so grieved over the lost photos. I didn’t care that the intruders had stolen a bunch of other stuff that the insurance company gave us money for. I just wanted the pictures back. I believe that backing of photo the most important point, that’s why I started with it. You should have your photos stored in at least two locations, such as your own PC and an external drive. External drives are sold everywhere now and relatively inexpensive. For added safety in case of theft or fire you can also store photos on online photo sitesOrganize your Photos such as Flickr, SmugMug or Shutterfly, or a online backup service such as Carbonite or Dropbox.

Delete bad photos right away. My children sometimes get ahold of my phone and take picture after picture with out me knowing it and then my phone is all of sudden full when I need to take a picture. Going through right away on your camera and phone and deleting the photos you don’t like, ones that are blurry or ones that just didn’t work will help you stay organized. Why waste storage space on photos that are not worth storing. I have so many pictures stored right now that don’t need to be. Let’s purge our photos and only keep the good ones.

Make sure your camera is set to the right time and date. This will help you store your photos chronologically. I have my folders on my computer set up by year and then inside that folder I have folders for each month. Storing your photos this way makes it easier to find them. If you are helping your kid with their birthday poster for school and they want to incorporate that one family picture you took at Disneyland during the summer you can easily find it if the correct date is on it. If you took the vacation in August you can go right to that folder and pull up the photo, print it out and you have a happy child.

Keep all your photos in one place. Most families these days have iphones, ipads, and multiple computers. If you have all your photos stored in one folder labeled photos and then broken down chronologically within that folder no matter how many computers and ipads you have you will know where to find your photos. Then if you get a new computer you can just move the one folder over and your pictures are secure.

Use sub-folders. Like I talked about in my earlier points, organizing your photos chronologically using sub-folders can make finding your photos so much easier. You can have them organized by date and then by month but within the month sub-folder you can also use sub-folders for specific events such as: Kelly’s 5th Birthday, Christmas, Cousin Bobby’s Wedding, Hawaii Vacation, etc.


Photo Credit – pcmag.com