digital-photographyIn our previous we mentioned five ideas that can help you keep your personal photos organized and sorted for easier access. Here are five more additional tips that may help you keep them sorted to improve your quality of enjoyment of your personal photos.

Use management software to tag your photos. There is excellent software you can download for free, such as Microsoft’s Windows Live Photo Gallery, Google’s Picasa or Apple’s iPhoto that comes already installed on Mac computer. With these management programs you can navigate through your photos easily and search with tags which are keywords you can apply to your photos such as Christmas 2015 or little league. Most of these tags stay with the image regardless of the brand of software you use. These tools can really help you stay organized and find pictures faster, but whatever you decide you should stick with it. I had my photos in iPhoto and also in a separate folder on my computer with sub-folders. It got too crazy and took up too much room. It got to the point where some photos were in iPhoto, somewhere on the desktop and some were duplicates in both. I wish I would have just put all my photos in iPhoto with sub-folders where I could utilize the extra tools such as photo tags.

Use People Tags. Facial recognition is included free with the image management software mentioned above. Using these tags to find faces in photos can save you so much time. They use advanced intelligence to find faces in the photos and guess who they are so you don’t need to tag every person. This also allows you to search through your archives quickly. Also utilizing this when uploading pictures to Facebook makes it easier in sharing photos with others by tagging your friends in photos.

Use Star Ratings. Every time you import photos onto your computer from your phone or camera you can give star ratings to the best photos. A 5-star system is used by most image management packages. The stars let you quickly find your best photos and your favorites when you’re looking for a specific photo in the future without having to look through every single picture in each folder.

Print a Yearly Photo Book. You can use services like Snapfish and Shutterly to print an annual photo book. You can search through your star ratings and use your best pictures from the year. A lot of times these photo companies run specials especially around the holidays where you can order photo books really cheap. Sometimes you can use promo codes to get three for the price of one. So you can make your own photo book and then order a couple extras for grandma and grandpa for Christmas presents. This way regardless of what happens you will have your best photos printed in a book to they can be enjoyed for years to come. It keeps them view-able and organized. You can also use these services to print special books like baby books, a book for Mother’s Day, or Grandma’s Birthday.

Be Consistent. You need to stay on top of your photos. Whatever system you start with, stick with it. Photos require basic maintenance like so many other day to day activities in life. You must stay on top of backing up your photos and rating them. Pick a month that you make your photo books in each year. November would be a good time so you can use them as Christmas presents. Set reminders on your calendar for photo downloads and backups. Have fun with it. Family photos are met to be accessible and viewable so that memories can be cherished and relived through the photos for a lifetime.


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