Family Color SchemeGetting family photos taken by a professional photographer can be a fun but stressful event especially if you have young children. I was talking to a mom at a park once that said she had never bribed her kids except during a family photo shoot. It had been a long time since they had family photos and she wanted to make sure they turned out, so if the kids did well they got a treat. I feel the same way. Family photos are important and it can be hard to take the time out to actually schedule and get everyone there in a happy mood. Because of this I will promise my kids just about anything to get them to cooperate.


When my son was a baby he had really bad baby acne and allergies. His skin would be flawless one day and the next completely broken out, so we would be all ready for a picture day and all of sudden his face would be broken out. So as a parent I get the frustration and stress that can be attached to family photos, but I also value the importance of having nice family photos displayed in your house for all your loved ones and friends to admire.

I also have a daughter that has Sensory Processing Disorder and anxiety.  Because of her sensory processing she has trouble with seams and textures of clothing so getting her dressed for family pictures is a chore and she is usually in tears.  We have had to learn how to prepare her for the anxiety she has related to getting family pictures taken.

So this brings me to the point, with all the planning and time that goes into just getting your family all in one place, looking good and not crying, there can be the added stress of what to wear. There all so many options, it can be overwhelming. Do you have everyone match, do you have everyone wear blue jeans and white tops, do you have the boys all match and the girls all match. Setting out the outfits and making sure all the kids have pants that don’t have marker on them or holes can be overwhelming on top of wanting to make sure the outfits don’t all clash. What I have found helpful is not trying to match everyone but going with a color pallet. Here is a way to make this process less stressful.

First, figure out where you are going to take your photos. Is your photo shoot inside or outside and what is the specific location? Is it a fall photo at a college campus with fall colored leaves in the background? This will help you decide what type of clothing you need to wear weather wise and what colors to go with. If it is a late fall picture outside you might want to all wear pea coats in the photo or sweaters.

Second, pick a color scheme. Gone are the days where you have to match in photos. For a more creative picture, pick different colors that work well together. Some examples are: brown, orange, and yellow; green, navy, and red; yellow, red, and blue; mint and peach; and purple and gray. By picking a color pallet ahead of time you can then choose outfits accordingly.

Third, use your color scheme to pick out outfits for each family member that go with the colors you have chosen and lay them out all together to make sure it works. Then you can make needed changes . You can also take pictures of the different options on your phone to reference.

In closing, have fun and be creative. Pick a color you love and accent it with colors in that color pallet. Using these three steps will make a family photo shoot which can be stressful a more enjoy experience.


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